Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Refuse To Lose

M and I saw the Kings of the Mic Tour last night. 

De La Soul came out and gave a solid performance.  I mean really - nothing less was expected.

Public Enemy came to the stage next - Chuck D in gym shorts - PE TOTALLY wrecked shop - as usual.  The energy that these guys give in a performance is CRAZY!  Congratulations to them for their recognition by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Flavor Flav's retiring of "the Clock Necklace."

Next up was Ice Cube with his West Coast vibe.  I loved his use of the video screen showing throwback NWA photos with Easy E prominently featured. 

And of course, the headliner was LL Cool J.  And you know I love me some lip-licking, bare-chested LL (except that he kept his shirt on.)

However, he gave a solid performance, mixing old hits and new releases.  LL Cool J is still hard as hell.  I could see the same passion and energy as he ripped across the stage last night as I did the first time I can remember watching him perform over TWENTY YEARS AGO. 

As it happens, the LL cut that I enjoyed the most was his single, "Whaddup" with Chuck D of Public Enemy. 

A part of the lyrics say:
"I'm taking mine.  Now, it's time.
Hungry.  You've been told.
I've been fightin' for my dream my whole life."

And how true is that?  We have to take what's ours.  We must be actively involved in reaching our goals.  Our accomplishments to do come from desire alone.  It takes action NOW.  Realizing that we must act in this moment.  We must stay hungry for our success (in whatever way it is defined.)  We have to keep fighting for our dreams - always. 

The next line says:
"But this day to day grinding gets old."
And we will get tired.  And things will come up.  They day in/day out grind will wear on us.

But within that hook is the encouragement:
"I've got so much trouble on my mind. Whaddup? Refuse to lose."

That is exactly what we must do.  Stay focused.  Keep grinding.  Persist past persistence.  Do not accept temporary setbacks as failures.  See them as opportunities to learn and keep moving towards your destiny.  Refuse to lose.  Stay winning.

Miracles and Blessings

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  1. As I was reading this I was thinking about - what has come to be - one of my new theme songs. Yes, "Whaddup." My youngest son and I have blared it through the house in the morning to pump everyone up as we prepare for our day or our group workout.
    Now, I have another reason to like the song: Your Three Words. Thanks for sharing.