Monday, November 10, 2014

Embrace Inner Peace

"Peace is your position of power."
Joel Osteen

Please understand that if you let nothing shake you from your position of peace you will remain in control of whatever situation comes your way.

Peace in the midst of chaos is proof of power from the inside out.  It is proof that despite the fact that everything around you is going wrong, you know that you know that you know that everything is going to end up alright.

Peace in the face of adversity or provocation is your faith in action.  It is your message to whatever it is that is challenging you that your God is in control - that you KNOW the Universe is conspiring on your behalf right this moment to advance and promote you in spite of.

Hold your peace.  A peaceful countenance is an unbroken connection to your inner spirit and your higher power.

Miracles and Blessings...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Know Your "Why"

"We all fall off plan. Your "why" is the reason you get back on plan. Imagine your "why" being an anchor that's strong enough to survive the mightiest storms."Mark McDonald

Knowing why you want something is as important as knowing what you want.  Because your why will keep you going far longer than your what.

It is important to know what you want to do as a career.  It is critical to know how that connects your life's purpose.

It is fine to know that you want to be rich.  It is key to know why you want to be rich and what you want to do with those riches.

It is good to know that you want to lose a certain amount of weight. It is better to consider why you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Knowing what you want is connected to your goal. Knowing why you want it is connected to your vision.

Knowing why you want something is as important as knowing what you want.  Because your why will keep you going far longer than your what.

Miracles and Blessings.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Watch Your Words

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"
Classic line from the Rush Hour comedy, spoken by Chris Tucker's character to Jackie Chan's.

My question to you is to do you understand the power of the words that come out of yours?

Words can come to life.  What we put out into the Universe has the power to manifest regardless of whether that it was we actually intend or not.

With that being said, we should take care to make certain that what we are putting into action with our words are reflective of our true desires and our true selves.  Otherwise, we put ourselves in jeopardy of calling situations into our lives that are not in our best interests.

And please realize that in order to watch what is coming out of our mouths, we must first consider what we are allowing into our minds.

Miracles and Blessings...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Embrace YOUR Happy

Don't *nobody* know your "happy" like you know your "happy."  Or at least no one should.

As soon as I typed this, I thought to ask you, "You do know what makes you happy, right?"  I will even take it a step back, "Do you know what happy feels like to YOU?"  Not what your parents think is happy.  Not what society and the ad/marketing/media machine has told you is happy.  But what really makes YOU happy.

If you don't know what your happy feels like, you need to take some time to get away from "noise" so that you can get to a place of quiet and really take a look inside to define your "happy."

I can honestly say that at the point that I really took a self-evaluation and got away from opinions outside of myself, I learned that I was making "happy" way too complicated.  My "happy" is very simple.  And I embrace those simple things that make feel my happiest.

I wish the same for you.

Miracles and Blessings...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sometimes, encourage yourself.

We spend time encouraging others.  Offering bits of advice to motivate and sharing words of inspiration within our circle.

It is what we instinctively do in our connection to other human spirits.  We cheer. We support.  We build up.  We rally behind.  We encourage those in our circle and sometimes, even complete strangers, to be their best.

Usually, when we do that, we have those that return the favor.  Most of us have some system of support that stands behind or beside of us who are our source of motivation.  There are also times when you have to be able to encourage yourSELF.

You should have a script of self talk that is positive and motivating that drowns out all of the negative, defeatist thoughts that wander through our minds and take up residence if left unchecked.  Unchecked negativity is often our greatest obstacle to achieving our true destiny.

So, take some time today to celebrate yourSELF.  Take some time to love yourSELF.  Take some time to be kind to yourSELF.  Take some time to encourage yourSELF.

Miracles and Blessings...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Set your intentions.

After my recent experience at Oprah's Life You Want weekend, I have done a much better job of committing to daily meditation and prayer.  It is something that I'd had a desire to do, would do here and there, but would not stay with long enough to have it become a part of my daily ritual.  In fact, I haven't done it today, but will as soon as I finish this post.

The LYW weekend reinforced some themes that had been presenting themselves (and even re-introducing themselves) to me in various ways over the recent past.  I know that I can read back on some of my posts and find these themes in what I've written in the past.

Among them, living an intentional life.  Deciding what I want my life to look like and actively designing that life.

In order to live an intentional life, you must first set an intention for that life - create the blueprint.  However once you set the overview, you must go forward setting an intention for each day.

So, if there were something that I would add to my three words for the day - it would be the word daily.

Set your intentions daily.  It is what will keep you on course for the intentional life that you want to have.

Miracles and Blessings

Monday, September 22, 2014

Abundance surrounds me.

Being recently dedicated to meditating daily, I am still using guided meditations to help solidify this as a positive part of my routine.

I am currently following the Oprah/Deepak 21 day meditation series that came out some time in the past year.

What I like best about the series is that it starts with a few words from both Oprah and Chopra that open your mind and get you prepared for the actual meditation piece each day.  In addition to each day's mantra, there is a centering thought.

Today's centering thought - "Abundance surrounds me." totally syncs with where I am in my life right now with recognizing my source and knowing that we have more than enough for ourselves and someone else.

There is no reason to be concerned with lack or scarcity.  The Universe delivers to us exactly what we need at the exact moment that we need it....without fail.  It has for us everything that we need and more.

Abundance truly does surround us when we open our eyes to  it.

Miracles and Blessings...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bless me indeed.

Sometimes, we have not because we ask not.  Learning to ask for exactly what we want is the second step in getting closer to our best lives.  The first thing is knowing what to ask for. MUST ask for your blessings.  If you don't ask, you will still be blessed.  You will most likely receive some pretty okay things in life.  However, for that life that you really want you have to envision it and boldly request it., I am asking for my blessings, indeed, in full, all of them, nothing held back, bigger than anything that I can ask or think, abundantly, without measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over blessings.

And I hope that you are too.

Miracles and Blessings...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

In order for a thing to manifest itself, it must first be imagined.  The Universe will deliver to you your every true desire if you can first imagine that it can be.

However, imagining, hoping, wishing, wanting - none of these things can make a thing come to pass if you do not believe that it is possible.

Once the seed is planted and the belief is in place, then you often must take action.  The things that you desire in life can come to pass with action.  Notice I didn't say "with struggle."  

The things that belong to us come to us without struggling for them.  It is not the intent of the Universe to award your pain and suffering.  The Universe simply gives to you the things that you have imagined, believed for and worked (not struggled) to attain.

So, imagine with all your mind.  Believe with all your heart.  Achieve with all your might.

Your best life awaits you.

Miracles and Blessings...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Serenity. Courage. Wisdom.

The Serenity Prayer.  We all have seen it.  We have all posted it, shared it prayed it.  We all know it.

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can and the WISDOM to know the difference.

The things that come to disturb our peace that separate us from our most authentic selves. There is certainly a sense of peace in realizing that some things are outside of our abilities and/or areas of influence.  In those times, we must re-frame how we think to allow ourselves a peace surrounding whatever it is.  

Oftentimes, what keeps us from walking a different path is being programmed into the path that we are already on.  Moving away from the familiar takes a strength of character and courage that many do not have, but I believe resides within you.

Most often, what we cannot change involves other people.  You can wish they change.  You can hope they change.  You can pray they change. What you cannot do is change them yourself.

So...instead you accept that.  Take responsibility for your own stuff.  And wisely, leave other people's changes to those people themselves.

Miracles and Blessings...